CICSEP 2019 Successfully Held in Shenzhen
CICSEP 2019 "China Dragon Awards" Winners List
CICSEP 2019 "China Dragon Awards" Calling for Entries
CICSEP 2016 "China Dragon Awards" Winners List
CICSEP 2016 “China Dragon Awards”Submission Guidelines
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Who will come?
1 Keiko Bang, CEO & Founder, Bang Singapore Pte. Ltd.
2 Alessandro Griffini, President,International Association for Media in Science
3 Markus Nikel, Consultant of International Coproduction of Documentaries,RAI
4 Paul Lewis, Board Member, WCSFP/President, Great Pacific Media
5 Martin Alexander, Czech Association of Scientific and Technical Societies & Harvest Films
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SUPPORTERS         China Association for Science and Technology
                                   State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television
HOSTS                    China Science Film and Video Association
                                   Shenzhen Association for Science and Technology

As a national mass organization engaged in researches and promotion of the development of science and educational films and television, China Science Film and Video Association was founded in July 1986 with Mr. Xia Yan as the Honorary President, Ms. Zhang Qing as the President and Mr. Kong Xiangjin as the Secretary General. In June 2013, members of the fifth council were elected with Mr. Gao Feng as the President and Mr. Liu Tonghai as the Secretary General (Mr. Liu Tonghai was also the Vice President).

The Mission Statement is CSFVA is to bring together practioners of science and education films and television in the country, enhance the academic and operational level, and help raise the level of production and distribution of science and education films and television programs.

CSFVA organizes the events of academic exchange, screening, scientific consultation and other professional events, hosts awards events of science and education programs and practitioners, and provides professional trainings to members. “Ke Lei Awards” is the top awards of China’s science and education awards and “China Dragon Dragon Awards is a prestigious international awards in the industry.

The association has under it a General Office, an Academic Committee, a Training Committee, a Cooperation Committee and an Organizational Committee. In August 1987, the association joined the International Association for Media in Science in Paris, France. Beginning in 1993, it became responsible for the evaluation of the Government Prize for science and technological television programs.



Shenzhen Science and Technology Association

The Shenzhen Science & Technology Association (SZSTA) was founded in May, 1982. In October 1993, the document (Shi Bian Wei [1993] No. 078) officially approved Shenzhen Science & Technology Association to co-locate with the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Science, Technology and Information (SZSTIB). In October 2004, according to the document (Shen Ban Fa [2004] No. 3) and the document (Shen Fu Ban [2004] No. 58), SZSTIB was set up to co-locate with SZSTA. In January 2007, according to the document (Shen Bian [2006] No. 135), SZSTA and SZSTIB were separated for operation. In September 2009, the Shenzhen Municipal Government conducted institutional restructuring. According to the document (Shen Fu Ban [2009] No. 100), the function of "organizing technological achievement reviews and technological innovation awards" was added to SZSTA, and three institutions including the Office of Shenzh